Friday, October 7, 2011

A Kingdom Community

This pic was taken last night at CITNM during a time of 'Meet and Greet'...excellent flow of love, and lots of praise reports about great things happening in the lives of the people...

Look for the CITNM booth this weekend at Pride...the booth number is P-19 in the section on the hill right above Lake Clara Meer in Piedmont Park...

Also, this coming Sunday, October 9 is our first Sunday service! (8-9 AM)...this service is IN ADDITION TO the Thursday night services...

Come be a part of are welcome!

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  1. I posted this on my Facebook, and thought it would be good here, and also to let everyone know that as much anger and hate we may perceive around us, did you now that there is less killing among humans than there has ever been statistically among humans ever?!

    Today, both homicides and warfare, are lower in deaths as a percentage of our world's population than ever before.

    Praise Allah (This was first used by Christians Paul convened with in Arab countries, is the same in Hebrew as Elohim, and of course today, commonly associated with Islam, but not exclusively)

    There will be 7 billion wonderful works of art by God, embodying the blueprint of Elohim , by the end of October 2011, sharing this amazing creation of Earth. By the end of the month, the world’s human population will reach 7 billion.

    I AM has been extremely busy the last two centuries (that is in humanly perceived linear time, since Ja is timeless and omnipresent). In 1804, We reached 1 billion masterpieces, each equally invested and designed by The Creator. That was in several million years. Here we are 207 years later, and Yaweh has been on an exponential course, and we have 7 billion pieces of G-d’s pinnacle living here together , manifesting this amazing love.

    The paradigm we all share of this reality continually filled by God’s love in each one of us, is the expression of I AM in every detail, from human to bacteria, to the smallest particle, to dark matter, to the galaxies and supernovas we have yet to perceive. The Universe is complicated, and every macro and micro is distilled into Love. Amen, Praise God, Hallelujah, Hallell to YHWH , Allāhu Akbar, Thank You I AM as We Are.

    Each piece of clay has been hand crafted by The Potter, designed purposely with each part. The plate has no right, or understanding to discredit the vase, the brick, or the cup. Each one of Us is Holy as The Creator has endowed. Each is an expression of I Am, equally.

    We sometimes choose to see our limited vision as better than The Potter’s. The wonderful thing is I AM smiles and knows each stroke in the masterpiece is necessary for the finished product. Billions before, and even more billions after today are each one created in, by, and a manifestation of God’s excellence and love.

    Praise God !!!!!